No Friend As Loyal

There is no friend as loyal as a book

Reading Challenge

UPDATE: Jan 4 2019

Over the years I’ve tried a few different reading challenges trying to keep things interesting for me and for you. For 2019, I’ve decided to just read through all the unread books I already have in my house! Currently 56 by my count, so I’ve gone ahead and pledged 60 reads on Goodreads for the year.

What’s your reading challenge this year?



4 thoughts on “Reading Challenge

  1. These are great! A large percentage of them are either on my TBR bookcase – Rebecca, The Secret Keeper, The Happiness Project, or I’ve read them… and liked some of them. Didn’t love Owen Meany but can appreciate why others do. I sighed a large sigh of relief when I finished 1984 (took me 5 tries!) LOVED The Night Circus.
    Awesome list.


    1. Thanks (: I think I’ve acquired a few gems over the years, but the pile never seems to go down! I’ve given 1984 a couple of tries, myself, and I think I’ve realized I like the idea of it more than the actual reality. My Goodreads wishlist is absurdly huge, so I had to limit my bookshelf to the stuff I already own.


  2. Oh Coraline is brilliant! Absolutely love the film too. Have you read anything by Gillian Flynn yet? I’ve just finished Gone Girl and really enjoyed it. Haven’t read Dark Places yet and not sure about Sharp Objects- apparently it’s meant to be really twisted :/


    1. Omg yes!! I adored Gone Girl, but it was supremely disturbing. I don’t want to accept that people can be so twisted. I picked up Dark Places the last time I was at the bookstore, but I haven’t started it yet. I heard that Dark Places and Sharp Objects aren’t as good as Gone Girl, but if they’re just a fraction as engrossing I think they’re worth a read.


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