No Friend As Loyal

There is no friend as loyal as a book


I started this blog as an experiment in challenging my comfort zones and exploring a new outlet of self-expression.  I never dreamed that

  1. Anyone else would actually read it, or that
  2. Anyone would nominate my musings for recognition.

At the outset, I was a little scared to put myself out there and dig too deep into my personal opinion on things. But as I saw my readership grow I realized that people I didn’t know were finding something here that they liked, so I started to loosen up. I stopped censoring myself and started having more fun, and I can honestly say that what you find here now is an honest, accurate, and genuine glimpse of my heart and soul. This is all me, laid bare in 12-point font. And the best part is that instead of scaring anyone off like I feared, I’ve gained more readers and received these wonderful nominations!

So thank you to everyone for encouraging me to find my own voice on this site, and rewarding my musings and strange sense of humour with these awards. You will never know what your feedback has done for my career choice, my self-confidence and my general attitude on life.

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