About No Friend As Loyal

There is no friend as loyal as a book.

– Ernest Hemingway

Hi there! I’m Nichole, a public relations professional with a serious love for books, film, and creative writing. I’m also trying to improve my fledgling photography skills.

I like to write about the stuff I read, but anything that inspires me is fair game. So, I hope you see something you like! Thanks for stopping by.

Shoot me an email at nofriendasloyal@gmail.com

Tweet me! @nicholemert



  1. Thanks for subscribing to my blog. From Canada you may study more than 1800 ‘full screen photos’ from Norway displayed on my blog, and more coming all the time.
    Please enjoy!


    • Oh, thanks!! I think they tell you you’re not supposed to mess around with your layout too much, but I say ’tis the season for lime green leopard print.


  2. (See first comment)
    Some time in 2013 you registered as a ‘follower’ to http://www.SeeNorway.wordpress.com, and since then we have published more than 6400 ‘full screen pictures’, but – we really cannot remember that we have neither heard nor seen anything of you since then?
    This is to inform you that your registry has been deleted as of today! If you feel this like an error, please feel free to re-enlist at our front page!


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