Love it or hate it, February has become THE month to celebrate love. I’m game for a heartwarming, raunchy romance any day of the year, but I’m also trying to save my pennies (#cheapbitch). So here’s a list of 7 of my favourite romance authors I follow obsessively on Kindle that I hope you’ll love too!

Mystery-Man-GCPKristen AshleyDream Man series, Chaos series, Unfinished Heroes series
I went through a phase a couple of years ago where I couldn’t get enough of big, beefy motorcycle men, and I think it all started with Kristen Ashley. First I found “Mystery Man” and was completely hooked for the rest of the Dream Man series, which spun into the Chaos series, featuring the Chaos MC, which also ties into the Unfinished Heroes series. What I’m saying is that there are more than enough sexy law men and bikers here to tide you through to next month. I also recommend these books if you enjoy sexy bikers with the “bitches” and “property” rhetoric that is featured heavily by other MC romance authors toned down a bit. Because I loved these books so much I explored more of the “recommended authors” writing about sexy bikers and their old ladies, but tbh I’ve just never found any that I’ve enjoyed more than these first ones I stumbled on. Here she is on Goodreads.

eve silver dark desiresEve SilverDark Gothic series
When I was young, I was introduced to the world of romance novels by the historical romances at my local public library. With the wayward rakes and the heaving bosoms and the blushing virgins…they were never my favourite. But these regency-type romances by Eve Silver are a delightful twist on that old trope thanks to the gothic mystery and suspense that flavours them. The heroines are victims of circumstance, social pariahs made worldly by their struggles and just trying to do the best they can. Their paths end up crossing with brooding, troubled men, pariahs themselves, in dark and imposing locations. It’s not sex-crazed dukes or innocent women who’ve gotten in over their heads. It’s broken people who would otherwise never have met, coming together and helping each other when the rest of the world turns their backs. Pairs well with a roaring fire and a cup of earl grey. Link for Goodreads.

radianceGrace DravenWraith Kings series
Boring ol’ humans not your jam? How about a fantasy romance featuring a loving marriage between a human and non-human couple. “Radiance” by Grace Draven is without question one of the most touching and romantic things that I have ever read. Forced by duty to comply with an arranged marriage, Brishen and Ildiko make the best of it by vowing to base their marriage on an open and honest friendship. And if their relationship was never more than that, it would still have been a beautiful book to read. But seeing their personalities come alive on the page and watching them slowly fall in love with each other was extremely moving. These two are my #relationshipgoals. There’s also magic, the monster-in-law from hell, and pretty awesome supporting characters that I’d like to see end up together in their own book. Draven’s stuff never disappoints, but “Radiance” was far and away my favourite. Here’s her website!

ice planet barbariansRuby DixonICB series, Fireblood Dragon series
If hot AF aliens are your cup of tea, Ruby Dixon takes you to space with the Ice Planet Barbarian series. These books feature abducted Earth girls crash landing on an ice planet only to shack up with stacked blue barbarian aliens with big hearts. IMO the sex scenes manage to maintain a good balance between graphic and sweet, mostly because the couples are (or eventually become) so fucking in love. These books have all managed to punch me right in the feels, and with 18 or something books in the series, you can’t help but get super attached to all of the characters. They’re like one big extended fictional family for me. Because of this ICB series, I fangirled hard when Dixon started the Fireblood Dragon series, where space dragons get transported to post-apocalyptic Earth and shack up with some kickass human women. All the women Dixon writes about are kickass, and every time I’m on Amazon I check if Ruby Dixon has published something new. And she’s on WordPress!

anna hackett gladiatorAnna HackettGalactic Gladiators series, Hell Squad series
Now instead of sweet, burly space cavemen, imagine you’ve been abducted for slavery only to be saved by hot, sweaty, stacked alien gladiators. That’s the Galactic Gladiators series by Anna Hackett. The abducted women were all badass pre-captivity, remain badass through their enslavement, and then carry on being badass after they are saved by the House of Galen gladiators and company. After their rescue they either become gladiators themselves, or join the fight in other ways alongside their sexy other halves to help save other human women who were taken. In the Hell Squad series, Hackett writes about a military-type coalition that has formed in the wake of a global alien invasion. Men and women from different backgrounds, including law enforcement, military, MC and socialite, work together to fight the invaders and fall in love along the way. Always fun, always sexy, never disappointing – these books are great! See her website here.

draekon mateLee Savino/Lili Zander – Exiled to the Prison Planet series
If you’ve ever found yourself asking, “Why stop at one drop-dead gorgeous lover when you could have two?” then you might want to check out this series. Okay yes, it has a lot of the same elements as other alien romances, even ones I’ve already listed here. Specifically the elements of unsuspecting human women, crash landing on an alien planet, and shacking up with the aliens already in residence. I like what I like. BUT in this series the girls are stranded on an alien prison planet, and the prisoners turn into dragons when they find their fated mates. Each book has also teased out a little more political intrigue from the aliens’ home world, which will make things very interesting if they ever make it off the prison planet. Pretty decent series if you’re looking for threesomes that share nicely, and alien males who treat their women like the queens they are. Here’s the series so far.

raven's markAngel LawsonThe Raven Queen’s Harem series
If you’re warm to the idea of a lovely, happy threesome, then maybe you’d be game for a reverse harem romance? I mean if less is more, just think how much more MORE will be! This kind of romance is my current obsession, and I have read a lot. Like, A LOT. Like, enough that I should probably do a post dedicated to reverse harem alone. But one of my favourite series is the Raven Queen’s Harem series, which has just recently wrapped up. A young woman who has always had a vivid, disturbing imagination, is accepted to NYU on a writing scholarship and finds herself living in res with five supremely sexy roommates. Shockingly, all is not as it seems! There is magic, a goddess, a supernatural fight club, betrayal, a pretty kickass protagonist, and lots of sex and romance. The series starts out a little slow, but doesn’t disappoint in the long run. I’ll be keeping this author on my radar for any future publications, for sure! Here she is on Goodreads.

So go read something sweet and sexy, and happy Valentine’s day!!