So we’re almost 2 weeks into January, and usually by now whatever resolution I made so carefully over champagne and fireworks is starting to become a distant memory.

But not this year!

In my customary new year’s post, I decided that this was the year of monthly intentions. So that I’ll be forced to regularly assess my life and tailor my new moon-infused goals accordingly. I thought that sharing these goals here might help keep me on point, so for better or worse I’m bringing everyone else on this journey with me.

January 2016Just a few housekeeping goals this month, trying to ease myself into the new year. Most importantly:

  1. I’ve been living paycheque to paycheque for a longtime, but on paper it looks like should have over $1000 leftover after all of my bills. What’s up with that?
  2. Christmas break is so very over, but I haven’t gotten back into job search mode. The economy kind of sucks in my hometown, so I’d like to try and strike out somewhere that still has a pulse.
  3. I have so much stuff! Like, a whole house-worth of shit meant for an itty bitty apartment. This month I’m challenging myself to pick one thing, like books or clothes, to thin out.

Hopefully sharing this with everybody will force me to stick with it. I’ve really dropped the reins over the years, living like a teenager with zero accountability, but I feel like 2016 will be different. I used to be a really responsible person, so I declare that this is the year I find my way back to myself!