I don’t know about the rest of you, but 2015 has been an all-around disappointment. The best part of my year was probably my trip to Italy back in June, but any residual high I might still have been enjoying was definitely quashed when I lost my dog this month. Add to that the perpetual frustration of pretty much every aspect of my life in general, and I’m definitely ready to see the end of this year-long shit show.

when-my-husband-asks-me-where-all-the-money-wentTraditionally, I like to end the year by reviewing my New Years resolutions to see how well I did. As I can’t tell you at this moment what even a single one of them was, I’m guessing this year’s answer is “not good”. Is this a sign that I should consider making just one resolution every new year so I can more easily keep it? Probably.

It might also be a sign that promising something in a champagne-fueled haze in early January, and expecting to remember it past the first week, is just stupid.

20151219_174041What I’ve actually started doing for the back-half of this year is setting “new moon intentions” every month. While I don’t particularly walk the witchy path, there’s something I really like about the idea of infusing my mini goals with the new moon energies of change and new beginnings.

Framing my intentions this way means that I’m regularly assessing my current needs, making me more mindful of the now (and not trying to measure myself against whatever seemed important then.) I’ve found this method incredibly effective for holding myself to personal challenges, like making new business connections or working on my professional website.

This new year, I resolve to continue with that positive progress by setting monthly new moon intentions and taking control of myself and my life.

Sending everyone best wishes for your own happy new year! I hope that the year of the monkey = the year of amazing!