It’s T-minus 60 minutes to my flight departure for Rome! I’ve got a layover in Minneapolis for a few hours, and another in Amsterdam tomorrow morning for only an hour, which should be interesting. I had no trouble navigating the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris when I visited, but I also speak French… I’ll worry about that later, I guess. All I can think about right now is how barbaric it was to travel before phones and free wifi.

Unbidden, but so helpfully, Google is tracking all of my connecting flights and displaying the weather in my destinations. It even sent me a message when I was already en route to the airport telling me I should be on the road! Breakfast in my one hand, food in my mouth, I just called Rogers and arranged a travel data package so that I can use things like TripAdvisor when I land in Italy. I can text my friend when I land so that I can find her in the Vatican grounds, and then we can call up our itinerary on Dropbox.

With various Google services and phone apps working so hard for us in the background, it seems almost impossible that we collectively managed to get anywhere without them. But we did. I sure didn’t have any of these fun services on my old flip phone that I brought to France a few years ago. In reality, we’ve just given ourselves the green light to be super lazy. And I’m as guilty as anyone else. Why should I have to exert myself in any way to find out about Italian weather or good restaurants in Rome when Google will just tell me? I mean, really.

Anyway, this is my internal monologue as I wait for my flight to board. They’re about to call my section, though, so I’ll catch y’all at my next break. Ciao!