Having finally booked my plane tickets, I’m thrilled to officially brag that I’m going to Italy at the end of the month! Sono entusiasta (I’m so excited!!)!

The famous Trevi Fountain

A friend of mine, who has recently found herself liberated from the hell she called a job, planned a 6-ish week trip to Europe (because why not?) and I kind of invited myself along (also because why not?) for a week. We’re going to take in some of the best sights, sounds and tastes that Rome, Florence and Venice have to offer, with the unexpected bonus of experiencing Italy’s Republic Day festivities first hand!

Knowing exactly nothing about the country or the language, I’ve made sure to acquire a phrasebook, a general guide to popular attractions, and, miracle of miracles, a book dedicated to the three cities we’ve decided to visit. I also randomly found a blank journal in my closet with a map of Italy on the cover that I can use as a travel journal! I get like two days in each city, so I’ll be researching the shit out of them all to make sure I don’t miss out on any “must sees”.

Anyone been to Italy? I’d love suggestions on great sights, good food, and where to find antiques!