The Fairest of Them All: Disney’s New Brand of Ethical Storytelling

Life Measured in Coffee Spoons

I love fairytales. I always have. Full disclosure here, Disney’s Sleeping Beauty was my favorite movie for the majority of my childhood, and by extension, Aurora the go-to princess of choice for any dress-up antics. Partially, I’m sure, this stemmed from the strangely universal and narcissistic childhood trend of idolizing characters that resemble you most. Brunette? You’re always Belle. Ginger? Easy, Ariel! As a blonde, I had a choice between Cinderella or Aurora, and let’s be real, Sleeping Beauty is a way more exciting story. There are fairies, curses, dragons, and a prince with an actual name (whoa)! And although arguably as one-dimensional a character as narratively possible, Aurora at least had her sheltered-girl-restless-desire-for-the-allegedly-dangerous-“everything else” complex going, whereas Cinderella’s meek eternal-sunshine-of-the-spotless-floor acceptance routine never resonated with me on any level.
My mother also tells me that I went through an early phase where I loved all the villains, Maleficent being my…

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