I still have Shatter Me on the brain. I spent the entirety of my reading week going over the whole series again, taking a highlighter and sticky tabs to every book to mark my favourite parts and find Mafi’s early hints of where the series would end up. I got into a Facebook argument with a friend over these books yesterday, as she most decidedly does NOT share my love. I can accept that this series is maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’ll be damned if I’ll sit by and let someone compare it to Fifty Shades of Grey! I’m not even going to hyper link that book; I like to pretend it doesn’t even exist.

Anyway, since I’m still trying to come down from my Warner high, I don’t have a fresh review for you this week. What I do have is a beautiful quote that made me think of these books, from a man I’d really like to know.

the me  I always dreamed of being