shitbitchbearI kind of hate Valentine’s day.

This isn’t a statement made by some jealous singleton who’s just bitter that she doesn’t have a man. I’m perfectly happy with my life right now, and I thought this “holiday”(?) was silly even when I was with somebody for six years.

I think I just hate that I feel like I’m obligated to buy someone a card and some kitschy something just because big Business has decided that this particular day is more important for showing your love for someone than any other day of the year. We have willingly taken the romance out of love and turned it into something sickly sweet and ultimately hollow.

I don’t want someone to give me a box of chocolates and a sappy card because our local drugstore says it’s time to remind me that I’m loved. That’s not romantic. Do something sweet for me every once in a while, just because. That’s romantic. Show me how much I’m loved in little ways the rest of the year, and it will mean more to me than any saccharine gestures every February 14th.