Happy New Year, everyone!

It’s time for my yearly resolution roundup, wherein I analyze my success with last year’s resolutions while I think up my new ones. Last year I did this doped up on cold medication while I sat in my basement in flannel pjs. This year is more promising – I’m dashing this off before I get ready for a par-tay!

My 2013 resolutions:

1)     Do at least one new thing that challenges me in some way every month for the whole year.  This one was really fun to do. I had to push myself to do things and seek out opportunities to fulfil this resolution every month.  After a few months, it became so much more than just a temporary goal – this is now a permanent philosophy.

2)     Read at least two books every month (totaling at least 24), at least 25% of which must be non-fiction. I didn’t post about everything that I read (some of it really wasn’t worth the effort), but I know I read way more than 24 books this year. I’m glad I pushed myself to read more non-fiction, but I should probably do more.

3)     I will exercise at least three times a week.  Yeah, this definitely didn’t happen.  Although I do walk an awful lot around campus, and I’m constantly on my feet at work. But I stuff my face with sweetened coffee and goodies in both cases, so nothing really changed. First resolution for 2014, I guess.

4)     I will check the news first whenever I grab my phone to check Pinterest, and I will actually watch the news once a week.  I was doing really well when school started because it’s now my job to stay informed, but the news just stopped being a priority when all the exams and group assignments kicked in.  Seriously, though, this is a major thing for 2014.

5)     I will regularly volunteer for something by June, 2013.  Yay, another one I can check off!  I started volunteering as a Facebook coordinator and blogger for a local organization, and it’s been a great experience.

All things considered, I think I did pretty well this year. Next year’s resolutions will focus on my health, my career and my finances. I also want a cat, but that’s not really a resolution.  

As 2013 comes to a close, I just want to thank everyone who has found their way to my blog and seen something they like.  You have made this year incredibly rewarding for me, and you have inspired me to pursue a career that will let me get paid to do stuff like this!

I wish you all the best in 2014.

Each age has deemed the new-born year
The fittest time for festal cheer.
                                                                   -Walter Scott