The Hobbit: The Desolation of a Blogger

In February, I wrote a post about my simultaneous love for Tolkien’s The Hobbit and my apprehension for the final two instalments of Peter Jackson’s big screen adaptation.  My fear was that there wasn’t actually enough story in this story to stretch it across a trilogy, so that further instalments would have to include complete fabrications and embellishments to give it more plot (it’s a tiny children’s book, after all).

Well, find me a crystal ball because apparently I’m some kind of psychic.  That, or Peter Jackson is just totally effing predictable.

Not only did Peter Jackson find it necessary to revisit (pre-visit?) the  Legolas character, but apparently it’s also necessary to just make people up, as is the case with Evangeline Lilly’s “specifically created” character, Tauriel.

Orlando Bloom in his pretty glory
Orlando Bloom in his pretty glory


Evangeline Lilly as Tauriel
Evangeline Lilly as Tauriel

I am aware of the conspicuous absence of women in Tolkien’s works, but I’m also aware of this thing called respecting-the-original-work-and-not-adding-content-for-content’s-sake-because-you-have-deep-pockets-to-line. And I should use my brain and not rush out to help line said pockets when the film comes out December 13th. But let’s face it: I will anyway because I already saw the first one, I hate leaving things unfinished, and I supercalifragilistically adore Benedict Cumberbatch.  And Peter Jackson, you bastard, you know it too.

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