As I try to do my best impression of someone who can juggle work, school, and volunteering, I’ll have to be a little more creative with my posts. (That’s code for “there’s no chance in hell I’ll have time to read a book before Christmas break”.)

In the spirit of out-sourcing my posts while I try and get ahead on my assigned readings, I think I’ll start exploring some of the other great blogs on WordPress and share the great things I find.  Today’s discovery is “Pomegranates” by Rachel Spencer.

And since I’m in class right now, I’ll just wrap this up. TTFN.  (PS – Featured image found here.)

Rachel Spencer Poetry

My earliest memory of Shakespeare,
aged six and serious among the picnickers
on an unremarkable evening in July.
It was temperate, perhaps, and the grass English-damp,
though in my mind the scene is as a storm about to break,
voices pitching hot and slow like thunder from the stage.
It was The Taming of the Shrew and I didn’t understand a word.
Still, rendered sombre by the lift and throw of their narration
I stood, enthralled, for the entire performance
as bearded men in tutus stepped deftly from ridiculous to sublime.
Each movement was potent as a sonnet and compelling.
It helped, too, that I was drunk on darkness and hours past bedtime,
struck solemn by the largeness of the lights and the irresistible glamour
of grapes packed carefully in Tupperware.
So I strained, unceasingly, to see words weightily unfurled,
a soldier at attention
and riddles fell like pomegranates from…

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