(Bad) Poetry Hour and Other Business

First things first: I want to thank Amy from What Amy Read Next for nominating No Friend As Loyal for the Liebster blogging award!!  I am floored by the response my little blog has gotten so far, and I’m so honoured by this recognition.  I’m currently working on my answers to Amy’s great questions, and I’m trying to think up some good ones for my nominees.  Hopefully it will all be ready for posting by the weekend!

B is for Bad PoetryIn the meantime, this poetry hour consists of two highlights from Pamela August Russell’s B is For Bad Poetry.  I received this book of poetry as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago, and it has kind of become my go-to “fluff” read.  I dug it out tonight for another perusal, and decided to share.


Betty Crocker’s Oven-Free Cookbook Tops The Bestseller List In Hell

“Look,” said Hitler to Hess,

“I made Himmler a cake

for his birthday.”  “Mmm,

so moist and fluffy,” said Hess,

“and it practically baked itself!”


Normally I wouldn’t

Normally I wouldn’t

ask if you love me

but when I saw

all my things

on the lawn

I got curious.

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