These post titles are my attempt at wit, so please forgive the terrible puns.  I was browsing through my backlog of Goodreads newsletters, and came across this great poem.  I don’t really want to analyze it or break it down like I do with my book reviews, I kind of just want to pass it along.

Joan Colby is a Goodreads author, and with “A Woman Scorned” she won the Goodreads Poetry Contest this past April.  I hope you enjoy her poem!

A Woman Scorned
A woman scorned sets fire to the tent
Where the new wife is celebrating.
Carves her name and yours into a tree
Then chops that tree down with her nail file.
Cages a bird and teaches it to speak
In a language where every verb is an obscenity.
Combs her hair with broken glass until
It glitters like a million diamonds
That you stroke until your hands bleed rubies.
Watches how you sit quietly near the water
While she poisons the tea she is about to serve.
Drives a team of black horses down the avenue
Of your lovers whipping them white as judges.
Climbs through the window that you forgot to secure
Wearing a burglar suit sewn of her eyelashes.
Picks a bouquet of jimson weed, hydrangea,
Lily of the valley, poison ivy, rhododendron
To prove the base and beautiful can both be lethal.
Paints graffiti on the wall of your Facebook
And for good measure stamps a letter with your heartsblood.
Enters your dream unbidden
Wearing the scarlet dress you once admired.
Paces up and down, up and down
Before your place of business.
Removes all the signposts pointing to
The street you used to live on when you were happy.

Edit (8/30/13):  I just found a great picture for my featured image, and I want to give credit to the photographer, Brad Templeton.