I have actually been reading other books since my last post, but nothing so fantastic that I felt the need to dig out my password to this blog and write about it.  However, having finished this particular book in record time, I thought I would put in a little effort tonight.

Warm Bodies book jacketThe book in question is Warm Bodies, the first published work of author Isaac Marion.  In case you haven’t been glued to Facebook or your television lately, you may not be aware that Warm Bodies is a zombie love story.  You heard me…  Not only is this the story of a zombie boy and human girl who inexplicably fall in love; it’s a story about how their love begins to change their world.

I guess it must be because of the hype with the film adaptation coming out next February, but this book was ridiculously hard to get my hands on.  I thought I’d be really smart and order it off of Amazon, but they were predicting a 2 month wait!  I drove to a few bookstores around town looking for a copy and finally had to phone a bookstore in a satellite community outside my city limits to put their last copy on hold.  But for all of that, I’d say this book was totally worth it.  The narration (and internal monologue) of the main character, the zombie known as “R”, is wonderfully poetic.  I dog-eared more than a few pages with a beautiful turn of phrase that I wanted to remember. I should maybe note that through the entirety of the book, the voice for R that I heard in my head was basically Jesse Eisenberg from Zombieland (2009).  It was kind of perfect.

He has such an interesting way of understanding and perceiving his world that R never strikes you as being a monster; he’s actually quite sympathetic.  Even when he’s hunting the Living and eating their brains, he does it with such humour and energy that you can’t help but like him.  I like this a lot about this book because it’s a different take from a lot of the other zombie-themed novels that I’ve read lately, like the Forest of Hands and Teeth trilogy by Carrie Ryan (which I absolutely adore, make no mistake) or World War Z by Max Brooks (which I liked a lot less).  By nature of the novel’s first-person point of view, my only issue with it is that I feel like the human girl R falls for, Julie, could be a little more developed.  The character of R is awesome, yes, but I’m just not sure if I’m totally sold on why Julie is instantly so important to him.

I think I should tell you that this book would be completely satisfactory as a stand-alone novel.  When I finished it in the wee hoursWarm Bodies movie poster of this morning, I was left with a slightly bittersweet, but mostly hopeful feeling for the futures of Julie and R and their world, and it was enough.  However, according to Marion’s blog Burning Building, there is already a sequel in the works!  If there is more to learn of them and their changing world, then I will gladly read it.  I also can’t tell you how excited I am to see the movie, set to release Feb 1, 2013.  I won’t lie to you, at first it was mostly because of Rob Corddry (playing R’s best friend “M”).  However, having finally read the novel, I’m stoked to see the dark humour of the book brought to life on screen.