My time has just been spread a little thin between working full time, doing a french-language radio show and falling back into World of Warcraft.  I’ve also had trouble settling on a book I can actually get into.  I’ve tried reading several books since I finished The Death Cure in June.

I started with Beauty Queens by Libba Bray because I LOVED the “Great and Terrible Beauty” trilogy.  But then I kind of felt like Bray was beating me over the head trying to make the point of how stupid some of the pageant contestants were vs. the smart and cunning protagonist who is only in it to expose the corruption of the outdated Miss Team Dream pageant (of course!) and I soon lost interest.  Which is too bad because I spent some Christmas money that I couldn’t really afford to waste on the hardcover copy.

Then I tried getting into Neil Gaiman’s American Gods because it’s been on my reading list for a while.  As it is Gaiman’s work I really should have known better than to expect something light and satirical like Marie Phillips’ Gods Behaving Badly [OMFG I’m ahead of the curve on that one!  I read it years ago and it’s soon to be a movie!!]  I got about as far as page 15 where an as-yet-unnamed Goddess eats her lover with her vagina and thought to myself “This seems too intense to be trying to read over my half-hour dinner breaks”, so I set it aside.  My friend is in no hurry to get it back from me though, so I may revisit it at some later date.

The third book I’ve attempted to read since June is Marie Lu’s Legend [again, I might be ahead of a few people on that one! The friend who let me borrow it tells me it may be a TV show sometime soon].  The book was actually pretty good, but I just kept running out and buying other books and it kind of just got lost in the mix.  I’m also not sure how badly I feel like getting mired in another trilogy.  I’ve already got the “Divergent” series on the go, as well as “Eve” and “Enclave” so it’s really just starting to get hard to keep them apart.

Anyway, I did actually successfully finish The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson.  ImageIt’s a book I started reading back in 2009 when the Swedish movies first started making a splash over here and at the time, I found it pretty painful to wade through.  I found it read like an obviously translated work (that’s no compliment) and having just watched the film, my brain just told me I shouldn’t bother anyway since I already knew how the whole series ended.  Not surprisingly, I was totally wrong. As with most book-to-movie adaptations, the two are completely different.  First, I thought the film (the original Swedish film with my dearest Noomi Rapace, not whatever watered-down version Hollywood came out with) was graphic and explicit [namely the infamous rape scene].  The book is so much worse! That particular scene, as well as the excruciating detail of some of the crimes against women mentioned in the novel, was pretty traumatizing.  I haven’t been so disturbed since reading Kiss The Girls home alone when I was 13.  That’s not to say the book was bad; on the contrary I flew through those 841 translated pages at a similar clip as reading Harry Potter.  It’s just more than I probably needed to know about violence against women.  To borrow a quote from the character Maeby Fünke from my favourite show of life, “Arrested Development”: I guess I’m all grown up now.  Ordinarily I would plunge straight into the following book The Girl Who Played With Fire, but it was pretty intense and I think I need a fluff break.  Besides, that book has been sitting and waiting to be read since like 2009 – I don’t think that a couple more weeks will matter.  All in all, it was excellent! and I can’t believe I was so stupid as to just discount it and pack it away.  After discovering how amazing the Hunger Games books were after being a silly hater for years, I’ve come to realize I have some pretty appalling taste.  I don’t think the answer is just to read what the masses think is good – that’s how I ended up buying Fifty Shades of Grey and look how awful THAT was.  But I think I need to be more willing to give books a chance.  A new bucket list item perhaps? Goal #158 : Go back and read at least 5 books you gave up on.

…Now I guess I have to give American Gods and the man-eating vagina a second chance.  Curses.